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Alas, Musical Chairs is a made-up event rental company. Sorry to disappoint you.

While we definitely think where you sit matters, we don’t actually rent any seats ourselves. Rather, this beautiful company & website came from the imaginative minds of the folks behind RW Elephant. By day, we create mighty inventory software for your rental business. By night, we dream up pretend rental companies like this one.

But we also dream about your real rental business and how great it could be.

We want you to be efficient, profitable, and at peace in your rental business. That’s why we make intuitive, easy-to-use software that helps you keep track of what you have and where it is headed.


We’ve got a million features that you’ll love but we’ll tell you about just a few here:


RW Elephant helps you manage your rental inventory so you know exactly what you own, how much of it you have, and everything you need to keep track of about your collection.


Use RW Elephant to create proposals for your clients, track the status of each rental order, and collect payments (we’ve even got online payment pages so your clients can book their orders while you’re busy doing other things— how cool is that?).


Our handy-dandy WordPress plugin (as demoed on this very site) allows you to display your rental inventory collection for the world to see in your online gallery. Your clients can also create a wishlist of items they like right from your site. Those wishlists will automatically show up in your RW Elephant account so you can start your sales process, do your magic, and turn their wishes into confirmed orders.


You’ll also love our iOS companion app that allows you to manage your event rental business on-the-go.

We think RW Elephant will be your new BFF but don’t take our word for it. You can see for yourself in a free trial of our mighty inventory software for your rental business. Get started today and change your rental business for the better!


We’re so glad you’d like to get in touch!