Alas, Musical Chairs is a made-up event rental company.

While we definitely think where you sit matters, we don't actually rent any seats ourselves.

Rather, this beautiful company & website came from the imaginative minds of the folks behind RW Elephant. By day, we create mighty inventory software for your rental business. By night, we dream up pretend rental companies like this one.

But we also dream about your real rental business and how great it could be.

You need a tool to manage your rental items & orders so you can reclaim the creativity in your event rental business. The world needs the beautiful celebrations & environments you create. We'll help you make even more of them.

Musical Chairs in the wild…

See our favorite chairs in their natural habitat.

Your customers love what you create.

As your business grows, you need support and a system to deliver the excellence you've become known for. RW Elephant is here to help you create more beautiful events without more chaos.

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This website is a demo for the RW Elephant Rental Inventory WordPress Plugin. If you have questions about RW Elephant or our Wordpress plugin, we'd love to hear from you!